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Archetypes & Careers

♈ Aries: Many Aries are high-powered surgeons and Emergency technicians as they are drawn to all aspects of medicine, and what it can do to help others. Engineers, carpentry, adrenaline action- anything where they can lead, be energetic and be mentally stimulated
♉ Taurus: A true Taurus naturally has acute senses and appreciates beauty and pleasure in all forms they go well in business, finance, fashion, interior design, horticulture, floral design. They have a special talent for accounting, writing and cookery. Maybe they like outdoor jobs where they can enjoy nature and fresh air - landscaping
♊ Gemini: Because of their restless nature they make great journalists, editors, and just about anything else that involves the field of writing or publishing. They make great teachers, researchers and any social work that requires communication. As long as it moves and he can talk!
♋ Cancer: Cancers have a knack for sensing other people's needs and they make sensitive care givers of the young and old. They love cooking too and are drawn in cooking and catering. Also a very profound mind for business and finance. Intuitive on all the management fronts
♌ Leo: They are drawn to careers like performing and entertainment, despite the odds of excelling at this type of career. Beauty and cosmetics are a passion, and they are naturals when it comes to the arts. Also social welfare, protecting/guardianship over vulnerable or innocent - nursing, aged care, disability care, childcare
♍ Virgo: They handle complex tasks with seeming effortlessness because they are flexible and good organisers. Anything dealing with the service industries, health and nutrition, secretarial or office administration will bring out the best in a Virgo. They also make excellent teachers, and outstanding editors. They have a special gift with natural remedies and therapeutic conversation.
♎ Libra: Libra's do well in any profession that deals with law and justice. They also make strong politicians, and are naturally talented in the arts or design. They tend to take psychology and counseling careers due to their love of helping people. Maybe they like outdoor jobs where they can enjoy nature and fresh air.
♏ Scorpio: Many Scorpios also like to flirt with danger and push themselves and those close to them to their limits. Professions traditionally associated with the Scorpio include forensic science, law enforcement or detective work, military. The sign of the snake is the traditional symbol for medicine, and plenty of Scorpios are drawn to surgery, psychology and medicines.
♐ Sagittarius: Professions traditionally associated with a Sagittarius include teaching, law, anything to do with medicine, import and export, retail, or other activities that involve foreign countries, and publishing. They like to work on the move and have freedom of thought. Associated with meaning, this could be psychiatry, philosophy or religion theology. University educating. Law.
♑ Capricorn: They have a deep need for security, especially financial, and often will work very hard to gain rewards and accomplishment. Capricorns do well in just about any career that they choose. Wherever they will be it won't take them long to reach the top and star as the CEO or the 'go to' person
♒ Aquarius: Inventing, research, social organizing or activism, astrology, communications, Humanitarian computer sciences, and electronics. Blogging. Science. Healing. Aquarians make great entrepreneurs and often end of being their own boss. Anything on the internet
♓ Pisces: Pisces are quite often associated with musical aspirations, movies' & film, dancing, and many other types of art. They are quite comfortable doing charitable work, counseling careers, and most jobs involving water, chemicals, oil, pharmaceuticals and nursing
Relates also to Midheaven sign

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